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Stretching routines that just don’t help
If you've been working hard at your fitness routine, one thing that you must not neglect is a proper stretching routine. Often people stretch badly and often they are following some age old bad advice. [read full article]
Five common dieting misconceptions
With more and more diets and fitness routines in the market that promise fast weight loss, several facts about weight loss are being distorted. Here are some common misconceptions [read full article]
Best eating plans when working out
There’s a lot of confusion surrounding food intake and exercise – is it better to eat beforehand or afterwards? Read our quick guide on how to support your exercise plan with a good eating plan. [read full article]
Protein shakes to help build muscle
Protein shakes... They're a quick and easy source of protein but they also help you build muscle by providing you with easily processed and absorbed protein! Read how to maximise their benefit. [read full article]