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Here is what our clients have to say about us:


“Best Gym in Malta”

Very nice atmosphere. The best Music! Perfect location! They made a personal trainings plan for me and gave me good advice! Very nice and friendly people!

Sophie Miedema

“Good Atmosphere, fully Equipped”

I used to go there in my free time to do my workout in a good atmosphere. The staff is really helpful and nice. I would recommend this gym to anyone.

Damian Loboda


The staff is great and always ready to help… And the membership price is so affordable


“Very Happy”

Very friendly staff and a clean gym and pool

Darren Zammit

“I really enjoyed Body Fit”

I was so happy when I worked out in Body Fit. Facilities which are in Body Fit were really nice to work out. Also, the swimming pool was wonderful as well.I hope that I can work out in Body Fit if I have a chance to get to malta again!!

Danny Gwon